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Students with Disabilities

Hands-on science is a powerful medium for bringing all students together. The subject matter is universally interesting, and the joy and satisfaction of discovery are shared by everyone. Active science by itself provides part of the solution to full inclusion; carefully planned curriculum provides the rest.

The FOSS program has been designed to maximize the science learning opportunities for students with disabilities and students from culturally and linguistically diverse origins. FOSS is rooted in a 20-year tradition of multisensory science education. Many of the procedures found to be effective with students with disabilities have been incorporated into the materials and procedures used with all students. 

For example, the FOSS balance and tactile syringe were designed for students with visual impairments, but these tools proved to be effective with students with other disabilities and, indeed, with all students. In some cases special equipment, such as a braille and large-print thermometer, meter tape, or graduated cylinder, may be needed to provide full access to the science experiences for students with visual and physical disabilities. These special items can be ordered through the Lawrence Hall of Science, SAVI/SELPH program, and used in the FOSS activities.

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