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Materials Management - Considerations

Housing the Materials

  1. Where will the materials be kept?
    1. School site (individual classrooms, teacher workroom)
    2. Off school site, central location (district or collaborative)

Managing the Materials

  1. Who will be in charge of the materials?
    1. Staffing (teachers, paid clerk or school aide, volunteers, seniors from the community, students from continuation high school class)

  2. How will the kits be prepared for use?
    1. Initial preparation of kits (teachers, paid clerk, volunteers)
    2. Measurement items (separate items included with kit, separate kits at each school)
    3. Student sheets (already prepared in student booklets, copied as needed by teacher)
    4. Teacher-supplied items (petty-cash budget, packaged with kit)
    5. Teacher guides and prep tapes (each teacher has his/her own copy, available in kit only, or available in kit and additional copy in professional library)
    6. FOSS Science Stories and trade books (with each kit or on a cart in the library)

Inventory and Consumable Replacement

  1. What is the inventory and replacement process?
    1. Refill kits from Delta Education
    2. Bulk materials purchases with site-based responsibility

  2. How is the inventory and replacement handled?
    1. Done at school by teachers or other individuals (each kit user, one teacher doing all the inventory, one clerical person, or a volunteer). Central order goes to district.
    2. Done at school by district (paid clerk, student workers, volunteers)
    3. Done at district central site (paid clerk, volunteers)

Checkout (Rotation) System

  1. What type of checkout system is being used?
    1. New system or existing (key components of system)
    2. Which kits at which grade level
    3. Frequency of rotation


  1. Are there any problems or concerns regarding safety?



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