Teacher Preparation Videos
Sun, Moon, and Stars

The FOSS Teacher Preparation Videos help you prepare to teach the FOSS modules. They include teacher guide information, safety precautions, set up procedures, and classroom footage. Click on the name of the video clip you wish to view from the list below. Select "Play All" to view the entire Teacher Preparation Video.

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Select a chapter from the list below.
Module Introduction (0:44)
Teacher Guide Introduction (4:17)
Before You Begin (2:59)
Investigation 1 - Follow the Sun
Part 1 - Follow the Sun (11:27)
Part 2 - Shadow Tracking (11:58)
Investigation 2 - The Moon
Part 1 - Night Sky Observations (8:00)
Part 2 - Phases of the Moon (10:39)
Investigation 3 - The Stars
Part 1 - Star Patterns (15:42)
Part 2 - More About Stars (5:20)
Assessment (7:58)
Play All (1:26)

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