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Additional Classroom Resources

FOSS has developed a searchable database to provide additional access to teacher resources. These resources include listings for nonfiction and fiction books for students, resource books for teachers, software, multimedia, videos, and websites that extend the hand-on science activities in each module. You can perform two types of searches for resources, module resources or open-ended. You can also submit a resource of your own.

NOTE: Some of the resources included in the FOSS database may be out-of-print, either permanently or for a short time while they are being reprinted. These resources have been included in the database because they are still good extensions (some classic) to the FOSS modules and courses. If you can't find them for purchase, check your local library or try searching one of the used book sites available online.

Module Resources
This search page allows you to see all teacher resources associated with a module or set of modules.

Open-ended Search
This page allows you to search the resource database by title, Spanish title, resource type, or module.

Submit a Resource
If you are using resources with your students to enhance the FOSS modules and they are not in our database, please submit them. FOSS staff will review all submissions and post them as appropriate.

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