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The intent of the FOSS Newsletter is to help FOSS users develop a network of support across the country. Delta Education and Lawrence Hall of Science work together to bring you news two times per year, including articles regarding the latest development of modules, tips about management from teachers and administrators, ways to make connections with other teachers and districts, extensions and reading materials to add to modules you are already using, and informative articles about good educational practices.

The most recent newsletter and the previous newsletter are available on-line as downloadable pdf files. Selected articles from earlier newsletters have been arranged into content areas and archived, and are available for on-line viewing.

If you have a tip that enhances the teaching of FOSS or would like to submit an article (with photos) about exciting activities or school programs, management, implementation projects, etc., please let us know. We would also like to hear from your students, whether they have questions about content, projects they have done, or insights into how they use the World Wide Web with FOSS.

Send your contributions to

FOSS Newsletter
c/o David Lippman
Lawrence Hall of Science
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5200


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