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Chemical Interactions Overview



FOSS for Middle School is a general science curriculum for students and their teachers in grades 6–8. The curriculum is organized into topical courses in three strands: Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science and Technology. Each course is an in-depth unit requiring 9–12 weeks to teach.

This course, designed for students in grades 7–8, includes the following five
interconnected components:

  • A detailed Chemical Interactions Teacher Guide in a three-ring binder, including an overview, materials preparation, goals and objectives, an at-a-glance investigation chart, science background, lesson plans, transparency masters, teacher answer sheets, assessments with masters and scoring guides, a multimedia user guide, and references (books, multimedia, websites). Chapters of the teacher guide are separated by tabs for easy use. Chemical Interactions has ten investigations, each with multiple parts.
  • A kit of laboratory equipment packaged for multiple classes of 32 students each. The kit also contains class resource materials such as posters and videos. Each course is designed for one teacher working with five sections of students per day. The kit includes transparencies for the investigations.
  • The FOSS Chemical Interactions Lab Notebook consisting of prepared sheets and organizers for students to use during the investigations. Multiple copies of the lab notebook can be obtained in order to provide one for each student, or individual sheets can be photocopied and distributed to students as needed.
  • Thirty-two FOSS Chemical Interactions Resources books containing reference materials (the periodic table of the elements) and readings that are used throughout the course.
  • The FOSS Chemical Interactions Multimedia program, intended for use as a whole-class demonstration tool and an individual or small-group interactive instructional tool. The multimedia program is woven into the instruction and is linked to many investigations. The multimedia program is provided in the kit on five CD-ROMs, and is also available on-line at www.fossweb.com.

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