What Is FOSS?
FOSS Components
FOSS K-8 Scope and Sequence
  Correlation to Standards
Research on FOSS and Ongoing Projects
  Science and Literacy
  FOSS for All
  FOSS Staff
Linda De Lucchi, FOSS Codirector
Larry Malone, FOSS Codirector
Kathy Long, FOSS Assessment

Program Manager
David Lippman

Office Managers
DeSondra Ward
Giselle Jordan

Curriculum and Assessment Developers
Brian Campbell, K-6
Erica Beck Spencer, K–6
Jessica Penchos, Middle School Coordinator
Teri Lawson, 6–8
Alan Gould, 6–8
Ann Moriarty, 6–8
Virginia Reid, 6–8
Joanna Snyder, 6–8

Professional and Leadership Developers K–6
Joanna Totino, K–6
Diana Velez, K–6 
Natalie Yakushiji, K–6

Publications Producers
Carol Sevilla
Susan Stanley

FOSSweb and Multimedia Producers
Nicole Medina, FOSSweb Manager 
Kate Jordan

Graphic Designers
Jonathan Segal
Emily Maletz

Matthew Jacoby, Lead Programmer
Christopher Cianciarulo
Shan Jiang
Dan Bluestein

FOSSmap Developers
Susan Ketchner
Arzu Orgad

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